February 2016 IPSY

I’m sure most of you, if not all, know what IPSY is.  But, nothing excites me more than getting that pretty pink package in the mail!  Does anyone remember back in the beginning when sometimes the packaging was purple, or is that just me?

I did a really crappy job with taking pictures of my bag and it’s items this month.  Sorry about that folks! Anyway, here it is…. (To the tune of Here Comes Miss America in my head.)


Item #1 – It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

This is what I was the most excited about!  I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and I was so excited to get it!  It Cosmetics is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands.  I love their Bye Bye Pours Powder, No Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner, and their brush line for Ulta. This concealer will be added to my favorites list too!  Let me warn you, a little goes a LONGGGGGGGG way!  You will give yourself some massive white circles under your eyes if you are not careful! I got the shade Neutral Medium, which is the most popular.  I personally think it is slightly too light for me, but the next shade is tan and that is too dark!  So I need something in the middle between Medium and Tan!  Do you hear that IT?!  I’m going to need you to make more than just 4 shades! If you don’t already have this concealer, I would highly recommend it!

This product costs $24.  You can get it on the It Cosmetics website and Ulta.


Item #2 – My Amazing Leave In Secret – My Amazing Leave In Secret Conditioner

First off, that title is a mouth full in itself! Second off, the 2 times I used this it made my hair extremely greasy so I wouldn’t say it was that amazing after all…  I don’t know if I applied too much, if it can’t be used with other products, or maybe my hair just hates this.  But, as of now, this is something that I will not be purchasing. On the website it says it’s An Ultra, All-in One Coconut Oil Infused Leave-in Conditioner that Helps Repair Dry, Damaged Hair Depleted by Chronological Aging, Styling, Chemical and/or Environmental Damage. Well my hair is definitely damaged!  I just think my hair is too naturally oily for a product like this.  Anyway, a 3.4oz bottle will cost you $14, 6.78oz will cost you $22, and 12oz bottle will cost $37. If you think this is something you would be interested in, definitely check out their website.


Item #3 – BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Blush

I received the color Desert Rose, which I’m pretty sure is the only color IPSY had. So far I have loved everything by BellaPierre, until this.  I don’t dislike this blush, it just really doesn’t show up on me. I think if you were more fair skin or pale, it would be a perfect blush.  It’s the lightest color out of the 4 they have available, and I think I needed one of the darker shades.  Also, I love my cheeks to pretty much look like clown cheeks.  I have found myself using this blush as more of a highlighter or I will wear it on my cheeks on a “no makeup,” makeup day. Online it says this blush is a creamy, non-comedogenic Mineral Blushe that gives you a beautiful, healthy flush that looks natural. Recommended by make-up artists and dermatologists, these award-winning blushes are talc free, paraben free, and suitable for all skin types and conditions. It will run you $45, which is really EXPENSIVE for a blush! You can get it on their website.



Item #4 – Luxie Beauty Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush 231

First things first, I have to copy you what the company says about this brush. “Our Luxie small tapered blending brush is held by a luscious pink handle and enticing rose gold ferrule. Soft synthetic bristles of a cruelty-free blend make it a vegan makeup brush. Antibacterial coating adds further protection to the blending brush before makeup use.  Chiseled to the perfect size, this eyeshadow brush is ideal for precise and blended makeup application.” People, it’s true!  This brush is the perfect blending brush!!! I have had a blending brush that I have used for well over a year, I thought nothing would replace it, but this has! When I first got this brush I thought it was way too long and loosely packed to blend out anything, but it does.  I love to use it to blend out my crease especially.  I would highly recommend it! Also, this brush is 100% cruelty free!  I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy. This brush is $12 and you can get it on their website.


Item #5 – Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion

I would love to give you an honest review on this product, but I have somehow misplaced it.  So I have yet to try it out.  I have read awesome reviews on this product, but I know it’s expensive!  So I want to personally try it before I start recommending it to people! If you are dying to try it you can get it on their website or at Sephora.  It will run you $58.


That’s it for my February IPSY, overall I was extremely happy with this bag!  I didn’t like the leave in conditioner and the blush wasn’t my favorite, but I really loved the blending brush and concealer!  If you are interested in IPSY just check out their website! Remember it’s only $10 a month!

I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their March!  In the next few weeks I plan to post about several Ulta purchases, a Rodan Fields lip product review, and my very first BoxyCharm.

Remember if you have any questions on comments, feel free to leave them below or email me!



Morphe 9B Blush Palette

So I am writing this blog about 4 days and 5 hours after I originally planned on it.  This past week has been CRAZY, but a good crazy.  Just late nights at work and then early mornings, which has resorted to messy hair and very little makeup.  BUT, sometimes life just gets in the way.  So I am writing this without my glasses, dying my hair, and watching The Bachelor.  Can we say Queen of Multitasking?! This hair HAS to be dyed!  I have found way too many gray hairs recently and I just can’t have that!

Soooooo on to the blog!

Let me introduce you to my newest blush obsession…


This is the Morphe 9B blush palette.  I like bright blushes, basically I make myself have clown cheeks. This baby retails for $39.99 on Morphe, but it is currently on sale for $19.99.  Actually it has been on sale for a while…  I bought mine at the beginning of January and it was $19.99 then.  Morphe is one of the best kept secrets of the makeup world.  They have great quality, awesome makeup, and people love their brushes.  (I haven’t tried their brushes, but I plan to order some eventually.)  I have an eyeshadow palette of theirs that I love too! (This is it! Morphe 35O Palette)


I know packaging shouldn’t be important, but it’s your first impression of the product. If their packing looks cheap, you typically think the makeup is cheaply made and sucks. I love their slick, black packaging with the bright red M.

My 2 favorite colors in this palette are the barbie doll pink (middle on far right side) and the red (bottom right corner.) These are also the 2 colors I managed to swatch HORRIBLY!


This is a swatch of the top row.  Left – a matte peach color.  Middle – a bright pink with some sparkle.  Right – a light red with some sparkle.


Middle row. Left – matte coral. Middle – coral with a hint of gold sparkle. Right – matte Barbie doll pink. (This one swatched horrible, but I promise it is better in person!)


I don’t know why I did this row so darn crappy!?! Left – matte deep rose. Middle – matte wine color. Right – fire engine red.

These blushes are incredibly smooth, buttery, and pigmented. They are well worth your $19.99! (That’s basically $2.25 a blush!)  So go check out Morphe and thank me later!

I’m off to go wash this dye out of my hair, because it bleeds into my eyeballs.  I hope everyone is having a great Monday and has a great week! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below or email me!

~Rinny XOXO