Moodstruck Precision Pencil Lipliner and Precision Eyelash Curler

In this blog I will be talking to you about 2 (technically 6) Younique products.  I stayed off the Younique train for a really LONG time.  I won’t lie to you, I think the 9,000 Facebook parties and invites I got were what did me in!  I love makeup! I love makeup recommendations! I love trying new products! However, I don’t like new products shoved down my throat. And when someone tries to sell you something, because they 100% LOVE everything they sell, they are LYING! Let’s be honest, I know you all have another makeup brand swimming around your makeup drawer!  And I bet everyone has a Maybelline mascara hidden somewhere too! (Because who doesn’t own at least ONE Maybelline mascara?!)

Anyway, one of my dear friends, Jeanne, is a Younique Presenter and she has sold me on some of their products.  I love the way she runs her business and how she tells you the truth! (If you are interested in seeing what she has to offer, just click her name above!)


Welcome to the lovely land of AMAZING lip liners! I’m pretty new to the lip liner world.  It’s one of those makeup products that I stayed away from for FOREVER! For some reason I lived in a land where I thought lip liner and lipstick (or lip gloss) had to match…WRONG! Baby, I will slap 2 of the most bazaar colors on now! Sometimes I just wear lip liner… This stuff is amazing with lipstick, lip gloss, or just by itself!


They currently only have 5 colors, but I’m going to need them to come out with more!  Because, I need (Ok…really want) then ALLLLL!  Does anyone know why they all start with a P? (If you do, let me know in the comments!)


In case you didn’t believe me, here are my 5.  I got Posh, Pompous, and Pouty in November.


(Top to bottom: Pompous, Pouty, and Posh.)

Pompous is dark purple, almost like a dark red wine color.  This makes for a very dramatic evening looking lip. This lip liner is almost a little Gothic, without being all black for me.

Pouty is the perfect nude liner, with just a touch of pink.  This looks great under a pale nude lipstick or even a pale pink gloss.  It’s also great if you just wear the liner for a nude lip. Perfect for everyday use!  This lip liner screams responsible, big girl, and I don’t want everyone staring at my lips, but I want them to look GOOD!

Posh is just the right mixture of a purple with a hot pink! I thought this was my favorite till I tried Perky! I love this bright lip liner with a paler lipstick, so the liner really shines through.  Out of all my liners, this is the one I have had to sharpen the most. This lip liner says mature and responsible to me.



(Top to bottom: Perky and Primal.) I got these 2 in February.

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE Perky! I have recently become obsessed with bright pink lips!  I have no clue why.  I never wear bright lips to work, but I will rock them on the weekend. Anyway, this is my favorite!!!  Is it the most practical, definitely not.  I would say Posh and Pouty would win the practical, everyday award.  But, this is you clubbing sister, that only comes out on the weekends and she comes out STRONG!

Primal is the color I have used the least.  I HATE red lipstick with orange undertones.  So I am always looking for the perfect red lipstick (and lip liners) with more of a blue or purple undertone. While this product is good, I can’t say I use it often.  I just don’t wear red, unless it is clothing. When I wear a red lip 99% of the time, I feel like a clown or Miranda Sings. I don’t know why, I just do!  But, this lipstick definitely screams SEXY to me!


(This being Miranda Sings.)

I wanted to compared these Younique liners with my NYX liner.


NYX lipliner in SPL817 Hot Red is on top.

Younique lip liner in Primal is on bottom.

These were the 2 most similar colors that I had.


This is what happened when I rubbed the 2 colors.  The NYX smudged and faded, while the Younique stayed in place. So just imagine that happening on your lips!

Anyway, if you think you are interested, you should definitely check out Jeanne’s page or find a local Younique Presenter near you! Get all 5, or at least 1, and try them out! Do you have a favorite lip liner or brand? Let me know in the comments below!


Now on to the second, but technically sixth, product.

THIS!  I believe this was an add on product for purchases in January through Younique, it MAY have been December… I can’t remember.  Anyway, I could hardly find anything about it online or even in an image search.  BUT, I know that it will be available for purchase in March!

I have always hated eyelash curlers!  When going through my make up yesterday, I found 3.  I found a cheap one, a Revlon one, and one I bought at Ulta.  I thought this one would be something I would never get any use out of, but I was wrong.  I use this bad boy almost daily and I LOVE it!

While it is made extremely similar to all the ones I own, the major difference is it is spring loaded!  I don’t know if it is made different and I just can’t tell.  Maybe the padding is thicker.  BUT, I know the spring is different.  My other curlers don’t really do anything or very little to my lashes, but this does! It curls them all, it doesn’t pinch my eyelids, and it doesn’t leave that weird crimped mark in your lashes.  It is the perfect tool to add to your makeup drawer! I have no clue how much this will be when it’s available in March but, I’m assuming around $20.

If you want to try this curler or the lip liners check out Jeanne’s Younique page or find a local Presenter near you! I hope you all are having a great week!  I would to hear from you and your comments on the products above! Feel free to leave any questions you have below or e-mail me!



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