Ulta Purchases

A few weaknesses in my life are Dr. Pepper, cats, popcorn, the snooze button, and Ulta.  I love me some Ulta.  I think they know me by name…  Now I won’t lie, there are very few people at my local Ulta that are friendly and I will seek out for help, most are about as helpful as a doorknob.  However, I love the Ulta rewards program!  So I keep going back!


Recently I went in to get a new foundation.  I was originally purchasing the Too Faced Born This Way foundation.  My friend, Chrissy, really liked it and I had read awesome reviews about it online.  However, it was a little to full coverage for me!  Chrissy says it applies great with a beauty blender and evens out, so I will probably try it in the future.  I also looked at foundations from Tarte, Stilla, and Becca.  I accidentally grabbed the wrong color in Becca and looked like I applied melted chocolate all over my hand… OOPS! I was avoiding the Urban Decay section like the plague! BUT, it sucked me in, like always!  I tried this foundation and it was my favorite.  It’s light, airy, and doesn’t even feel like you are wearing anything on your skin.  The packaging says weightless and it truly is!  My color shade is 4.5 and it is perfect!


This foundation comes in 18 different colors.  I originally thought I was a 4 (medium-light shade, with golden olive undertones,) but it’s a little too yellow under toned for me, so 4.5 (medium-light beige with rose undertones) was perfect! I would highly recommend this product! Go into your local Ulta or Sephora and give it a shot!

This product is $40 and you can purchase it online at Urban Decay, Sephora, or Ulta.


Now onto the second item purchase, the Purity cleanser by Philosophy. Let me first give a shout out to my cousin, Sarah Ann, for getting me addicted… Just what I needed another expensive beauty item… BUT, I love it! And she totally knew it was something I would love when she gave me the travel bottle in my Christmas present. Now, this mega bottle is $36.  Pricey, I know!  I can feel y’all cringing through the computer screens! They do have a travel size which is 3oz for $11, 8oz for $24, and the 16oz for $36.  So the 16oz is the best value, but get the 3oz and see if you like it before the big time commitment.

I love this stuff!!! I use it every single day.  I’m horrible about taking my make up off before a bath or shower, so I want a cleanser that will do that for me and this does! (Who likes those racoon eyes when getting out of a shower?!)  It removes everything, including my waterproof mascaras and eyeliners! It has a good, fresh smell.  I also use this to wash my face before bed, if I’m just removing my make up.  BUT, the best discovery with it is cleaning out my make up brushes.  I give all my make up brushes a monthly bath and I used this last month.  This worked better than any cleaner I’ve bought, made, or even baby shampoo.  It removed everything, didn’t leave a weird texture on the brushes, and made the brushes smell amazing!

I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this cleanser!  I know it’s pricy, but you will thank me!  (Just like I have been thanking Sarah Ann!) You can purchase this online at Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, and the Philosophy website.

I would love to hear what some of your new and favorite purchases have been!  Feel free to comment below or email me!

~ Rinny





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