So I tried really hard to think of a catchy saying, slag, or just anything for my first post here, but all you got was “Welcome.” However, it seems the most fitting out of anything and everything I could pull from my brain.  Welcome to my blog, welcome into my home, welcome into my thoughts, and welcome to my opinions.

I’m writing this blog mainly about makeup and similar products.  Grammar is not my thing!  So back away now if you are going to be the grammar police!  Unless you plan to edit all my posts for free, hush, and consider yourself warned.

I was a tom boy growing up.  A tom boy obsessed with Barbie dolls, to be exact.  I remember being in high school and asking my “twin” cousin where in the world you put eyeliner.  I was clueless! I was still clueless about make up through my early 20’s.  Then one day my friend, Chrissy, recommended the Naked palette to me and little did she know.  She opened a beast!  A caged animal on the loose at any Ulta, Sephora, or cosmetics section.  I love all make up!  I’ve become a make up snob… And eyeshadow palettes have become my bitch! I love palettes! The bigger, the better!  The more sparkle, the better! Who needs just 1, when you can have 12?!

So here’s to some laughs, some opinions, some sparkle, and some good times!




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